There is an accelerating need for energy in the industrial and developing worlds. The industrialized countries, given the global warming trend and increasing air pollution, are recognizing the impact of carbon-based technologies on the environment. Many governments and multi-national corporations are searching for solutions and are working toward a goal of creating clean and sustainable economies based on renewable energy.

Globally, hydro power remains the largest single renewable source. Today conventional hydro power is constrained by land use, environmental concerns and high up-front capitalization. New technologies, such as UEK's low impact hydrokinetic turbines, will provide the vast majority of installed renewable generating capacity. The UEK technology is part of the overall solution.

  • The turbines are located beneath the water's surface.
  • No dam or impoundment is needed, therefore there is no major civil work to change the landscape, disturb the local ecology or uproot communities.
  • There are no toxic by-products produced in the generation of electric power.
  • Small marine life forms pass harmlessly through the slow turning runners.
  • Large marine creatures are diverted by the screens.
  • The UEK System does not allow silt to accumulate on the river bed or ocean floor.
  • As long as the rivers flow and the tides rise and fall, the UEK System can produce base electric power.